Thermal Bluestone Pavers

thermal bluestone cubes
gantry cutting thermal bluestone
thermal bluestone tread
thermal bluestone
Thermal Bluestone Patio

Thermal Bluestone is used for both interior and exterior pavers, tiles, pool coping, countertops, cladding, veneer and caps of all kinds. Thermal Bluestone is more versatile in terms of what it can be used for because of the process in its creation. First massive chunks of solid bluestone are drilled and removed from the quarry and transported to the gantry saw. The gantry saw saws the huge chunks

into consistent slabs which can then be cut to desired dimensions. Therefore Thermal is gauged for exact thickness and should be dimensionaly perfect. Thermal Bluestone also comes in all blue, full color or variegated. It can be purchased as squares and rectangles or broken stand-up as well. Edgework sometimes includes bullnosing, easing and rock facing.  $6.00 per sq’ for dealer full load pricing.