Project 1:

Spring 2010 Virginia

For this project our customer Larry was building a rather impressive fireplace, outdoor kitchen and pool patio for an estate in Fauquier County, Virginia.  Larry, a seasoned builder, stone mason and businessman presented us with the architectural drawings.  Click this link to see the drawings.  Just before shipping, Larry’s customer decided that they wanted 3 pallets of  all blue 2×3’s added to the order.  Of course we were able to accommodate this request.  Click this link to see the actual stone we shipped.  Larry and his customer were satisfied and Larry was kind enough to email pictures from the jobsite. Click this linkto see the pictures.  Toward the end of the job, one of Larry’s workers broke a vital piece of special cut stone.  We shipped out a replacement in two days and Larry still completed the project on time.  Very nice job all around Larry.

Project 2:

Spring 2010 Pennsylvania

Alan, a homeowner who is an electrical engineer by trade called us asking if we could provide him with a radial cut and rock faced bluestone mantel for his fireplace.  Alan emailed a sketch and we went to work. Click here to see the sketch. Generally we can ship small order projects like this out in a couple days.  Click to see the mantel.  Alan was pleased and sent a finished photo.  Click here to see the photo.

Project 3:

Spring 2010 Texas

Susie called us after visiting the local stone yard where she first saw Pennsylvania Bluestone.  Susie was in charge of the construction of her family pool and patio area.  In addition to being overpriced, Susie found out that the local stone yard was unconnected and undereducated regarding the in’s and out’s of Pennsylvania Bluestone.  We helped Susie realize a tremendous value and a gorgeous Pool and Patio.  After much consideration, we helped Susie wisely choose a random pattern, full color flagstone for the patio and variegated (though mostly blue) thermal pool coping.  Although Susie’s back yard is still under renovation she agreed to send pictures.  Click Here to see the Pictures. Susie would not have realized this level of quality had she not called us.

Project 4:

Spring 2011

Chris, a professional builder in Waynesboro VA, needed special colors in his order of broken flagstone.  Check out the greenish lilac flagstone and this awesome installation.  Let us know if you need a referral.

Project 5

Summer 2011

Bill, the owner of an very good masonry company in Mill Spring, NC needed specialty services such as rock facing, cad drawings for water jet radius work, as well as special quality 1″ thermal blue flagstone.  We will be happy to hook you up with Bill if you need someone  in North Carlolina.  Check out the pictures.