The Quality Of Our Bluestone From Multiple Bluestone Quarries

Quality Bluestone shipped from the best quarries.

Cut Issues SOLVED- 

All treads are cut perfectly square with laser guided gantry saws. The dimensions of these cuts are on the money so a 2’x4’x2″ will be exactly 24″x48″x2″ consistently. Thermal pattern flagstone on the other hand will be a 1/2″ short both in length and width. A 2’x3′ piece will therefore be 23.5″x35.5″ exactly and consistently. Pattern Flagstone has traditionally been cut a half inch short to allow for 1/2″ cement joints. Natural cleft pattern flagstone is roughly 1/2″ short so a 2’x3′ unit will be roughly 23.5″x35.5″.

Unacceptable Stone DISCARDED- 

As we cut through the stone from a multitude of quarries and prepare special orders it is inevitable that we will run into stone with significant flaws. Now and then we find small areas of shale, coal and other deposits. These pieces are discarded. Sometimes when we thermal stone it becomes obvious that there are areas of unacceptable density and the stone thermals unevenly. These pieces are also discarded. When your stone arrives it must be perfect. All Face edges and corners are sharp and never chipped.

Color Issues SOLVED- 

Every bluestone quarry has its own fingerprint.  Each is different in certain catergories such as color, quality and type.   When you order blue bluestone from Vieczorek Natural Stone, as apposed to full color, you can rest assured that you will receive blue and only blue. There will be no discolorations in your stone.  All non-blue stone is trimmed or sorted out to full color pallets.  If you need another color sorted we can do that as well.  We will consult  to make sure you get the desired result.  That said, we always strive to be highly competitive on pricing.